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Welcome to Autobot City

Oh dear oh dear oh dear!

Good day. I am Ultra Magnus, Autobot City commander. We Autobots were recently attacked by the Decepticons. The assault had a deeper, more sinister motive than to simply block the flow of energon to our home planet, Cybertron. You see, our brave cassettebox Blaster observed from his radio tower the Sweeps led by Scourge exiting the battleground of Autobot Square. They were heading toward Autobot City's maitenance tunnel which leads to a direct access port with the Autobot City computer, containing military secrets that could lead to our defeat. However, the connection port has three microcircuit keys contained in pure silver shards. The shards have written on them part of a secret password that activates the computer. When Blaster arrived to foil their plans, the Sweeps had made off with the keys, hoping to activate the computer at some later date. Knowing that the Aerialbots were evacuating the consuls at the diplomatic section, Blaster managed to send a radio signal over the Uzbekistanian ambassador's transistor radio. The Aerialbots managed to stop the Sweeps, but the keys were scattered all over Wheeljack's Crunchy Taco Page. It is your job to find the silver keys, and to arrange them in the correct order. Since the computer is "unlocked," the 'Cons can just go in there anytime, and I don't know if the Dinobots I assigned to guard the terminal can repel them. We really, really, need your help! Unfortunately, I can't help you because I'm going to a conference called "Really Screw Saddam" hosted by the President. Thanks to Rick "Ironhide" Davenport for saving me when Autobot Force One was hijacked. To those of you that never figured it out, the password to last month's puzzle was "Minbari."